eX Welcomes H1Z1 Team

Mon 5th Dec 2016 - 3:52pm Gaming

Houston, Texas, USA 


We are pleased to welcome the newest eX team being #eXH1Z1! About H1Z1: H1Z1 King of the Kill is a fast paced, fight to the death shooter, where players compete in large scale, chaotic PvP spectacles of skill and wit. Players fight against each other in solo or team based matched, in rule based skirmishes, or in global events and tournaments. Whether players poessess skill, luck, or a little bit of both, only one can prevail to stand alone at the top of the podium. ( https://www.h1z1.com/king-of-the-hill/game-overview )


Now to meet the players:

Javier "LowKeyTino"  

Has competed in Champions Arena , played with AQ in Season Two of TA tournaments and finished Top Five. Javier also is a co-host on the popular Podcast "Chicken Dinner Show" which has had Game Developers and pro players alike.

Social Media: https://www.Twitter.com/lowkeytino



Has competed in Smash 4 and finshed Top 8 multiple times along with shoutcasting the grind royale H1Z1 tournaments.

Social Media: https://www.Twitter.com/iislim_jimii 



Blake "Luco Live" 

Has competed in local Smash tournaments along with being part of team CYA Season 2 of H1Z1 TA tournaments.

Socical Media: https://Twitter.com/Luco_live


Justice "Plastiqqq' 

Has competed in Call of Duty Pro mods and won H1Z1 LAN tournament. 

Social Media: https://Twitter.com/plastiqqq_


Sevy "KillaforniaTV" 

Has competed in Halo and finshed 19th in MLG Vegas 2007. He also recently competed in the Twitch Con Invitational and had most kills in game 4.

Social Media: https://twitter.com/killaforniatv


Christopher "ChrisDigivolve

Has competed in Champions arean and RevengeEu. He has also competed in Chicken Dinner showdown and was a memeber of the Manpons Event, ALL out War.

Social Media: https://twitter.com/chrisdigivolve 




Along with being apart of #eXH1Z1 they will be apart of the stream team and can be found here: https://eXGamingLLC.com/streams or https://twitch.tv/team/eXcellence


Please join us and welcoming this new team and new part of our family!! #eXArmy




About eXellence: 

eXcellence was created by owner and founder Jon “Jven” Venable in May 2014.Upon establishment, he believed that the most successful person would be whomever isalways thinking outside of the box. His goal was not only be the best and have the most professional young adults in the industry, but to also improve the e-sports community.Through these ideas he established multiple professional and amateur teams across Halo, Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offense, and League of Legends.

Moving forward, we plan to strive for eXcellence against the best in the industry while maintaining our core values!










Jonathan Venable

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