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12/14/2016 1500 hrs

We are eXcited to step back into the Call of Duty community with our new APAC CWL team. This team in the APAC 2K Game battles tournament placed 2nd only to the team formerly know as Orbit on 12/11. This team will be a force in the APAC region and we are delighted to have the represent the eXcellence name. Below you can find all the information that you need to know about our team!


Team Captain: Matthew "Flarez" Matt was a player for #eXCoD in Stage #2 of the CWL after Kritikal was unable to play the rest of the stage. Matt had oustanding performances and was an immediate contributor in the rotation.                                                   Matt will assume the role of Team Captain in the coming months for #eXCoD. Matt posted a .86 K/D Ratio in Stage 2 of the CWL. 

                      Social Media: https://Twitter.com/Flarez_eX



                      Daniel "NVS" Daniel was another player apart of #eXCoD in Stage 2 of the CWL. Daniel was the cornerstone of our team with sneaky uplink throw after throw. But not only was he a mastermind in objective play,                                          he also posted the best slayer stats of the team with a 1.0 K/D. 

                      Social Media: https://Twitter.com/Nvs_eX



                      James "Macka" James played under the organization known as Chiefs Esports Club in Stage 2 of the CWL. He was a a hybrid player for the team and posted eXcellent numbers in the slay department with a 1.07                                                 K/D Ratio. We are pleased to welcome and get to know James!

                      Social Media: https://Twitter.com/macka_eX



                      Jack "Rival" Jack was another former player of Chiefs Esport Club in Stage 2 of the CWL. Jack has the ability to slay the entire opponent team if necessary, posting a 1.15 K/D Ratio in CWL Stage 2. Look for him                                           to be a staple in the black and yellow!





Please join me in welcoming #eXCoD. They will be competing for our spot in the CWL Pro League along with the CWL Lan League held in April! Make sure to hit the follow button on all of these fine young gentleman. 






Jonathan Venable

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