eXcellence Gaming LLC Welcomes Rainbow Six: Seige Team

Mon 18th Jan 2016 - 9:44pm Gaming

With great anticipation we await the announcement from ESL for an actual Seige Pro League. Currently the team has won mutilple MLG Game Battle Tournaments on both PS4 and XBOX 1. This team will begin their tenure today 1/18/2016. We are eXcited here in eXcellence to sign this high caliber team and begin a new chapter in eXcellence. Please everyone give a big #eXFam welcome to the following players:


Taner "D3viox" Russo

Kristafer " Death Recon" Gibson

Charles " Hightyme" Brown

Adam " FightiR" Vallejo

James "Havik" O'Brien


Thanks to everyone for their continued support! 




Jonathan Venable

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