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Wed 6th Apr 2016 - 5:19pm General

Writing is my passion.



My name is Jon Primm, I'm 22 years old, born and raised in Houston Texas. I'm currently majoring in Journalism at SJCC, with graduation set for next year. I am a die hard sports fan when it comes to; Rockets, Texans, Astros, Dynamo, Arsenal and THE University of Texas Longhorns.



As far as writing goes, I knew during my junior year in highschool that writing was my passion. It was (and still is) a way to get away from the things you don't necessarily want to deal with. Some people turn to working out, some turn to music, as well as many other outlets. Me, I turn to writing. My first eSports writing postion was with vVv (Vison Valor Victory), it was my first actual experience writing within the eSports Community. I fell in love, instantly. After learning, and growing as a writer, I was offered an opportunity I couldn't pass up. That opportunity was writing for eLevate, even if it was being strictly set on Halo. I enjoyed ever day I spent with both of those great organizations. I couldn't have asked for better friends and mentors during my time with those two awesome teams. 


But as of today, Jven offered me an awesome opportunity within another great organization and I can't thank him enough. I didn't think twice and told him YES to becoming the Editorial Director for eXellence. I look forward to this new chapter and plan on making the absolute best of it. 







Jon Primm

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