eX Aquires ANZ CWL Team

Mon 18th Apr 2016 - 2:29am General

Today, we are eXcited to announce that we have acquired; Kritikal, Jay, Envious and Perko to represent eXcellence in the ANZ CWL Season 2. These guys defeated Exile 5 to acquire a spot in Season 2 during Relegations. This roster is an experienced squad, with two of the guys competing at CoD Champs in 2014, gaining the veteran status. We are eXcited to watch these guys perform, as well, we believe that they will flourish along the way. Be sure to watch the guys during S2, as it begins Tuesday, April 19th!


These guys have worked their tails off to get where they are, and we are eXcited to have them on board and part of the #eXFam. Be sure to show your support throughout the season.


Be sure to follow @eX_Gaming_ for all updates regarding scheduling, and stream times to watch our guys! 


We want to thank everyone for their continued support, and for the future support as we transition into the CoD World League. #eXFam


About eXcellence Gaming LLC:


eXcellence was created by owner and founder Jon “Jven” Venable in May 2014.
Upon establishment, he believed that the most successful person would be whomever is
always thinking outside of the box. His goal was not only be the best and have the most
professional young adults in the industry, but to also improve the e-sports community.
Through these ideas he established multiple professional and amateur teams across
Halo, Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offense, and League of Legends.

Moving forward, we plan to strive for eXcellence against the best in the industry
while maintaining our core values!




Jon Primm

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